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Galloping Towards Sustainability: Noviun™ Performance Fibers USDA BioPreferred Approval Sets a New Standard!

In a world where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a pressing necessity, every industry is on the lookout for innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact. At ArenaMend, we're proud to announce that our Noviun™ performance fiber, a revolutionary bio-based fiber additive for riding arenas, has received the prestigious nod from the USDA BioPreferred program. This approval is a game-changer for the equestrian and synthetic footing industries alike. Let's explore why this approval is worth celebrating.

Unpacking the USDA BioPreferred Program:

Before we dive into the excitement surrounding Noviun™ performance fiber, let's take a quick walk through the USDA BioPreferred program. This program, overseen by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), champions the use of renewable agricultural resources and aims to reduce our reliance on non-renewable materials. Products like Novation™ performance fiber, crafted from sustainable, bio-based fibers, receive the coveted BioPreferred designation, encouraging their adoption across various industries.

Noviun™ Performance Fiber: Riding High on Sustainability

Noviun™ isn't just any run-of-the-mill fiber—it's the secret ingredient that's revolutionizing riding arenas worldwide. Developed by ArenaMend, Noviun™ fiber is mixed with sand and harnesses the power of sustainable, plant-derived materials to enhance riding arena footing. With its exceptional durability, moisture-retaining properties, and unmatched performance, Noviun™ fiber is the go-to choice for equestrians seeking top-notch performance without compromising on sustainability.

Why USDA Approval is a Stirrup Step Forward:

The USDA BioPreferred approval of Noviun isn't just a pat on the back for ArenaMend—it's a resounding endorsement of our commitment to environmental stewardship. By receiving this stamp of approval, Noviun performance fiber joins the ranks of elite bio-based products recognized for their role in building a greener future. This approval isn't just about clearing hurdles; it's about galloping towards a more sustainable arena footing industry, one hoof print at a time.

Implications for the Equestrian Community:

As equestrians, we're not just riders—we're stewards of the land. With Noviun performance fiber leading the charge, we're not just improving arena footing; we're nurturing a more sustainable relationship with the environment. The USDA BioPreferred approval of Noviun performance fiber assures us that we're making the right choice for our horses and our planet. So, let's saddle up, gallop towards sustainability, and leave a trail of eco-friendly hoof prints in our arenas.

For more information on the USDA’s Bio Preferred program, click here:


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