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Noviun™ Performance Fiber

A world-class riding surface for any environment.
The first and only plastic-free, nontoxic, natural fiber blend.

A Foundation For Excellence

Your horse deserves the best, and our products deliver just that. With a focus on performance, safety, and environmental stewardship, our natural footing solutions set a new standard.


Noviun™ performance fiber is specially designed to transform sand arenas and tracks into world-class riding surfaces. As the first product of its kind, Noviun™ outperforms conventional synthetic textiles by increasing absorption, decreasing concussion, and providing optimal grip. What's more, Noviun™ ensures no microplastic contamination in your footing, arena air, or the surrounding watershed.


Compatible with various sand types and environments, Noviun™ is a crucial component to any sand arena. Experience the excellence of Noviun™ Fiber and create a sustainable and high-performance riding surface today.

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Noviun Ingredients

Natural Fiber

Noviun is made with fast-growing natural fibers such as coconut coir that act like roots in soil – creating structure and stability that increases your horses' confidence underfoot. 

IN: Natural fibers like coconut coir


OUT: Polypropylene, polyester, polyurethane, polyamide (plastic) textiles and associated toxins, shredded textile fibers, geotextiles, crumb rubber, and recycled foams

Natural Elastomer

Noviun includes natural biopolymers that reduce concussion and provide natural rebound to help maximize your horse's energy efficiency. 

IN: Responsibly sourced natural elastomer

OUT: Synthetic tire waste and associated toxins

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Choose Our
ee Fiber

Our plastic-free, natural fiber blend provides sand surfaces with the desired grip and absorption, resembling the confidence of riding on turf grass—the natural and preferred surface for horses. The result? Faster speeds, fewer injuries, and quicker recovery.


Noviun™ stands out with its unique performance advantage compared to competitors' fiber:  standard waste polypropylene, synthetic tires shredded textile fibers, geotextiles, crumb rubber, and recycled foams.

Traditional fiber solutions often come at a significant cost: the addition of thousands of pounds of plastic (averaging 5,290 pounds), and toxic chemicals to your arena and riding environment. These plastics degrade into micro and nanoplastic pollution, never decomposing. Microplastic pollution has become widespread in our soil, air, and water.

By choosing Noviun™, the only high-performance, natural alternative to synthetic fibers, you eliminate thousands of pounds of microplastic pollution from your ground, air, and watershed.


Make a sustainable choice and experience the difference with Noviun™ today.

For A Greener Ride

A 20,000 sqft. arena requires a minimum of 15,000 pounds of plastic fiber.

Current arena fiber application is equivalent to 460,000 water bottles of contamination.

A 20,000 sqft. arena sheds 14 billion microplastic fibers each rain or irrigation.

How Much Noviun™ Fiber Will You Need?

Noviun™ is suitable for all sand types and environments. To achieve your desired structure, cushion, and grip, Noviun™ can be applied at a range of concentrations to meet the needs of every discipline. 

A little goes a long way. Compared with conventional synthetic fibers, you will need a fraction of the weight in Noviun™ fiber to achieve your optimal arena surface. 

Sand type, sand depth, environment, and discipline will also influence your Noviun™ requirements. We recommend 2.5 - 4 ounces per square foot of sand, and are happy to provide customized estimates upon request.

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