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Environmentally friendly, waterless footing

ArenaGreen is a complete surface solution for consistent, high-performance footing year-round that eliminates dust and improves traction control. Made with earth-friendly materials, ArenaGreen is the first and only zero plastic, nontoxic waterless footing.  


Unlike conventional dust-control solutions, ArenaGreen contains no plastic polymers or wax. ArenaGreen uses a biorenewable organic binding agent for optimal shear and cushion during takeoff and landing while jumping as well as all work on the flat.

Arena Green
Noviun Fiber

Noviun Fiber


Plastic-free fiber for a greener ride

Noviun™ performance fiber is the first of its kind. This plastic-free, natural fiber blend decreases concussion and increases absorption better than conventional synthetic textiles, while adding structure for optimal grip. Noviun™ also eliminates microplastic and toxin contamination of your footing, arena air, and the surrounding watershed. 

ArenaMend partnered with material innovator NFW to bring Noviun™ to equestrian footing. Noviun™ uses nutrients and natural structures instead of plastic waste fibers to add stability and absorption to your arena surface. Noviun  is made from the earth and is designed to harmlessly, slowly return to the earth at the end of its useful life.


Our Sustainability Impact

ArenaMend is the world's first arena footing company developing first-in-class surface solutions with plastic-free, natural materials. In an industry saturated with synthetic, petroleum-based surface materials, ArenaMend is pioneering premium solutions that eliminate microplastic contamination and water usage without compromising on performance characteristics. Sustainable innovation is at the core of ArenaMend’s forward thinking products. Constantly striving, ArenaMend’s focus is to make all footing materials not just safe for the horse and human, but also the environment.

Our Sand


Rather than mining hazardous silica sand, we manufacture our sand using recycled materials. This way, we're able to better control quality and size. We've also placed manufacturing locations around the country to help eliminate shipping fees.

Our Fiber


Our Noviun™ performance fiber is the first of its kind. This plastic-free, natural blend decreases concussion and increases absorption, while adding structure for optimal grip. It also eliminates microplastic contamination of your footing, arena air, and surrounding watershed. 

Our Coating


The ArenaGreen coating is a mixture of up-cycled, biorenewable materials that we created. The coating helps bind the sand to give it structure and is the reason why water is not needed to maintain performance.


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