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Environmentally friendly, waterless footing

ArenaGreen is a non-synthetic and environmentally responsible footing option that effectively reduces water usage while maintaining a high-performance quality. ArenaGreen offers a more natural solution to a consistent footing year-round while eliminating dust and improving traction control.


The revolutionary ArenaGreen footing is a premixed high-performance footing, bagged, and ready to go upon delivery. It is the ultimate performance footing that reduces concussion and increases stability. ArenaGreen requires no irrigation system while providing structure and confidence underfoot for both indoor and outdoor arenas.


There are no polymers or wax and the organic binding agent in ArenaGreen is 99% biorenewable. It is an incredibly dynamic footing that creates the optimal sheer and cushion during takeoff and landing while jumping as well as all work on the flat.

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Environmentally friendly, waterless footing

Water conservationists have applauded ArenaGreen for the footing’s contribution to water conservation, while equestrians continue to praise its performance and rideability. ArenaGreen is the only footing that delivers a consistently effective performance surface that can be maintained without watering making it the perfect performance footing for all climates.


ArenaMend manufactures all the sand used in ArenaGreen footing. High quality sand that is the exact same regardless of geographical region. ArenaGreen manufacturing locations are strategically located around the country to minimize shipping and transportation costs! Our ability to control every ingredient that goes into the footing is one of the keys to its optimal performance.


Sustainability Impact

Our sustainability impact began with the need to reduce or eliminate water/irrigation. Maintaining riding arenas requires an extraordinary amount of water. On average, a 20,000 sqft area needs 4,000 gallons of water per day.


By eliminating irrigation, our footing reduces its environmental impact and saves money on water costs. We worked hard to ensure that saving on water does not compromise performance. ArenaGreen's coated sand gives the footing cushion and structure without using water. 


This year, we have saved over 8 million gallons of water.



The fiber that we use is the first of its kind. Award winning in the textile industry, our fiber is a completely plant based blend. Using non-synthetic materials as

our fiber decreases the concussion and increases the rebound of the footing while also eliminating microplastic contamination.



Rather than mining hazardous silica sand, we manufacture our sand using recycled materials. By manufacturing our own sand, we are able to better control quality and size. We have strategically placed manufacturing locations around the country to eliminate increased shipping. 



The ArenaGreen coating is a mixture of up-cycled, biorenewable materials that we created. The coating helps bind the sand to give it structure and is
the reason why water is not needed to maintain performance.

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