ArenaMend products are non-synthetic and environmentally responsible footing options that effectively reduces water usage and improves footing quality in existing or new arenas. ArenaMend products are temperature resistant to guarantee high-quality, consistent footing year-round while eliminating dust and improving traction control. Additionally, they are greater than 99% biorenewable carbon and are derived from upcycled, organic materials to ensure that the footing is environmentally safe.  

ArenaMend is an easy solution for existing arenas to enhance footing and eliminate water usage without the need for a new arena.


Water less

ArenaMend requires no water for maintenance, eliminating irrigation and watering expenses. 


ArenaMend is derived from upcycled, natural materials.


ArenaMend is comprised of all organic material 

making it greater than 99 percent biorenewable carbon. 

non-oil based

ArenaMend is non-synthetic and non-oil based  to allow for an all weather product that does not freeze or separate over time.



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