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FAQ - Noviun™

Frequently Asked Questions - Noviun™

What is Noviun™ fiber?

Noviun™ is our plastic-free, natural fiber blend. Designed to be added to a wide range of sand arenas, we are able to customize the blend of Noviun™ fiber and sand to create your perfect riding surface.

Noviun™ fiber creates a root-like structure in sand, which in turn gives horses the confidence of riding their natural and preferred surface - grass. The result? Faster speeds, fewer injuries, and quicker recovery.

Noviun™ is the world's first all-natural riding arena fiber. The current footing industry standard is waste polypropylene, synthetic tires shredded textile fibers, geotextiles, crumb rubber, and recycled foams - adding thousands of pounds of plastic and toxic chemicals to your arena and riding environment.

What is the difference between Noviun™ and ArenaGreen?

What is the best sand to add Noviun™ fiber to? Can you help me pick the best sand for my arena?

Does Noviun™ fiber break down, similar to rubber?

What ingredients are in Noviun™ Fiber?

Do I need a special type of drag for my arena?

How do I install Noviun™ Fiber?

Do I need to water my Noviun™ fiber arena?

Can I add the Noviun™ to my current sand?

Can I order a sample of your footing products?

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to see if Noviun™ fiber would be a good addition to your arena.


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