The revolutionary ArenaGreen footing is a premixed high-performance footing, bagged and ready to go upon delivery. It is the ultimate performance footing that reduces concussion and increases stability. ArenaGreen requires no irrigation system while providing structure and confidence underfoot for both indoor and outdoor arenas.


There are no polymers, wax, or petroleum ingredients, and the organic binding agent in ArenaGreen is 99% bio-renewable. ArenaGreen offers the best structure, concussion, and consistency. It is incredibly dynamic footing that creates the optimal sheer and cushion during take offs and landings as well as on the flat. Our ability to control every ingredient that goes into the footing is one of the keys to its optimal performance.


In addition to its natural ingredients, ArenaGreen requires no watering! Water conservationists have applauded ArenaGreen for the footing’s contribution to water conservation, while equestrians continue to praise its performance and rideability. ArenaGreen is the only footing that delivers a consistently effective performance surface that can be maintained without watering making it the perfect performance footing for arid or tropical climates and anything in between. 

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ArenaGreen comes premixed in 2,000 lb super sacks for easy installations. Just spread the footing over a free draining base and ride!


Since ArenaGreen is environmentally friendly and does not need irrigation, your arena can be installed anywhere, even in the middle of a corn field! 

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