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Leading the Sport in Sustainable Arena Footing Solutions


Welcome to ArenaMend, the trailblazing arena footing company committed to developing top-tier surface solutions using plastic-free, natural materials. In an industry dominated by synthetic, petroleum-based options, ArenaMend stands out by pioneering premium solutions that not only deliver exceptional performance but also eliminate the scourge of microplastic contamination and reduce water usage.

At ArenaMend, sustainable innovation lies at the heart of everything we do. We relentlessly strive to create footing materials that are not only safe for horses and humans but also gentle on the environment. Our forward-thinking approach ensures that our products surpass industry standards, setting a new benchmark for eco-conscious equestrian surfaces.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize the arena footing landscape with environmentally friendly alternatives.


Discover the ArenaMend difference today and experience performance, sustainability, and harmony with nature in perfect balance.

Noviun Fiber

Noviun™ Fiber

Plastic-Free Fiber for a Greener Ride

Experience a greener ride with Noviun™, the groundbreaking performance fiber that revolutionizes equestrian footing. Say goodbye to plastic and hello to a natural fiber blend that surpasses conventional synthetic textiles in reducing concussion and enhancing absorption. Noviun™ also provides added structure for optimal grip, while ensuring no microplastic or toxin contamination in your footing, arena air, and surrounding watershed.

ArenaMend has partnered with material innovator NFW to introduce Noviun™ to the world of equestrian footing. By utilizing nutrients and natural structures instead of plastic waste fibers, Noviun™ brings stability and superior absorption to your arena surface. What's more, Noviun™ is made from the earth and designed to safely and gradually return to the earth at the end of its useful life. Join the green ride revolution with Noviun™!


ArenaGreen Footing

Environmentally Friendly, Waterless Footing

Discover ArenaGreen, the ultimate surface solution for maintaining consistent, high-performance footing throughout the year while eliminating dust and improving traction control. Crafted with earth-friendly materials, ArenaGreen proudly stands as the first and only zero plastic, nontoxic and waterless footing available.

Unlike conventional dust-control solutions, ArenaGreen does not include any plastic polymers or wax. Instead, we harness the power of a bio-renewable organic binding agent, ensuring optimal shear and cushion during takeoff, landing, jumping, and all types of flatwork.

Arena Green

What Clients Say

"My Dressage horses love this footing! They feel very secure on it and move with more expression and spring. I really appreciate the fact that this footing cups easily and supports each footfall, which gives even the biggest movers confidence to move freely without fear of slipping."
- Julie Ronning - Aiken, SC
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