What kind of footing does ArenaMend work well with?

ArenaMend products work well with all footing types! It can be added to any existing footing to improve irrigation and dust issues as well as footing quality. 


How does adding ArenaMend reduce or eliminate the use of water?


ArenaMend products have a natural binder and have the ability to encapsulate sand particles then bind together which give innate cushion on impact.


Will ArenaMend products add depth to the arena?

No, ArenaMend products do not affect the depth of current footing.

Can it be used in indoor and outdoor arenas?


Yes, ArenaMend products can be used in all arenas or equestrian surfaces!

Is it sticky?


No, ArenaMend products are not sticky and do not leave a residue.


Is it a wax?


No, ArenaMend products are not a wax. It is non-synthetic, non-oil based, non-polymer.


Does it freeze?

The freeze point is 22 degrees if there is sitting water on the surface.


Can it be used with magnesium chloride?


ArenaMend products replace the need for magnesium chloride but can be used with if the MAG had been recently applied it to the arena before installing ArenaMend products.

How often do you have to add ArenaMend products to keep the arena water free?


ArenaMend products will need to be replenished every 18 months to two years, but less product will needed to be added to replenish the footing.

How are ArenaMend products shipped? 

ArenaMend products are delivered in super sacks.