ArenaMend will reduce dust and water while also address loose material concerns. ArenaMend is blended with existing footing to create a dust-free arena with an additional binding agent that will improve consistency and traction. This is a great option for those looking to add more stability to existing footing. 

One ton of ArenaMend will cover 1,000 square feet at a 3" depth. For more information and specifics, fill out the contact form.

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ArenaGreen is the ultimate footing and unlike anything on the market! It is a fully blended new footing option for those installing new arenas. ArenaGreen was formulated by Dan Carr of Westwind Surfaces to create a consistent, high performance footing with strategically placed manufacturing locations to provide the exact same product to the end user regardless of location.

ArenaGreen is a non-synthetic and non-oil based footing that creates the optimal sheer and cushion during take offs and landings as well as on the flat. 


ArenaGreen is the official footing of the Palm Beach Masters Series!


For more information and specifics, fill out the contact form.


DIY ArenaMend Installation

ArenaMend can be easily installed and requires minimal equipment! The video details how to install ArenaMend in four steps. 

Step 1: Level and drag the arena. 

Step 2: Saturate arena. This is an essential part to ensure the effectiveness of ArenaMend. Watering can be done by using a water truck, hose, or irrigation. 

Step 3: Grid out arena in equal parts and spread ArenaMend evenly into each gridded area. Hand rake to spread the material. 

Step 4: Drag ArenaMend into footing. It is important that ArenaMend is dragged into all of the footing, not just the top inch. The more that ArenaMend is incorporated into the footing, the better it will perform.