Sustainability is a core value at ArenaMend. ArenaMend was created to solve water and consistency issues in sand arenas, while still focusing on maintaining a sustainable footprint. From our materials to our production, ArenaMend is committed to sustainable methods every step of the way. 

ArenaMend products are different than other products on the market because they are 99% biorenewable carbon, non-synthetic, and derived from upcycled materials, making them a natural solution to your footing concerns. Due to the natural components, ArenaMend does not freeze and is all-weather resilient. 

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    ArenaMend was created out of an interest and need to reduce water usage and irrigation. The properties of ArenaMend transform footing into a better quality sand blend and eliminate the need for irrigation or water maintenance. ArenaMend products reduce the time and costs of maintenance while still providing a consistent product year-round. 

    ArenaMend products are derived from upcycled natural materials. ArenaMend utilizes discarded forest products and repurposes them into an environmentally-friendly option that addresses arena concerns.

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    ArenaMend products are 99% biorenewable carbon, making them natural and safe for the horse and environment. With increased environmental regulation, we wanted to commit our materials to be natural and safe for the future of the global equestrian industry. 

    A unique quality of ArenaMend products is that they are non-oil based. Oil based products often separate over time creating non-uniform and inconsistent footing. ArenaMend utilizes other natural materials to produce a consistent blend that maintains structure and does not separate. 

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